The Blessing Way of Summer





The Blessing Way of Summer
(David Morrison)

For the blindingly blue sky and green earth that make us see anew again
And the heat that gives our souls the gift of thirst, yearning for mercy’s rain:

We thank you, Father—The one who fashioned us in the fire of your life

For the breeze that enlivens our senses with the smells of earth’s blessings
And the fruit that hangs lazily from bowed limbs, filling our eyes with light:

We thank you, Jesus—The one who keeps the fire of our land

For wisps of clouds converging on the noon horizon, where heaven touches earth
And the savage storms that jar the night, but leave us with morning dew:

We thank you, Holy Spirit—The one who renews in us the fire of your love

For the fragrance of desert rain,
For children splashing in laughter,
and for the locked glance of mystery shared between two lovers–
We thank you, Lord of all life, for the promises
you have hidden in the heart of all creation:
The dream of an endless summer, and your coming  kingdom of tranquility

Father, Son, and Spirit Holy
Be our Blessing Way, this Summer of Love

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About David Morrison

I've lived here at the community with Marsha, my wife, since its founding in 2003. I serve in various ways from pastoral care to landscape maintenance; from coffee brewing to bar keeping.

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