In Unitive Silence

The Lord is pure soul- soul and babe is like the egoless God who sleeps in full surrender in the arms of humanity saying, “I live no longer not I, but Christ that lives in me.”
The one desire of God is to be held: held deep in the center of all being beneath all motives where understandings are drown out by the gurgles of an infantile creation, fully rested in its baby-ness.
The collective soul yearns for this naked abandonment of its self.
To be like the sky being fully sky, unaware of its sky-ness.
To be like the earth being fully earth, unaware of its earthly-ness.
To be like the Lord, purely soul, unaware that it is God, and fully giving its self away.
It is our desire to live fully in this unitive love, where you and I dissolve into us.
Teach us God to be still in you as you are still in us.

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About Jacob Neria

I've lived here at the community with my wife, Mireya, and our five kids for four years and counting. I'm work as an artisan of drums and flutes in our nonprofit, community business, Monk Drums.

One thought on “In Unitive Silence

  1. David Morrison

    Great poetic prayer: really captures the profound beauty of the Incarnation–the God who is a “with-us-God,” who wears and shares our humanity completely.

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