Friendship – By Mikaela Steele (2011)

Want to know the best monday you can have? One that you have to go to school? A half day! A half day is amazing! But the best part about that half day is when you get to spend it with friends! Today I’m thinking about the beauty of friendship.

Friendship is not something that you feel, or something that happens, it is a choice to make. Its not like, “I feel like you’re my friend.” No… In reality it is like, “You are my friend.” A feeling doesn’t tell you that, you don’t have a ‘friend’ emotion. You make a choice to say, “This is my friend.” I think this is also like love. You might have feelings about love, but then you have to choose to love someone to keep the relationship going. I think this is why I couldn’t hold a relationship with my boyfriend. I think, “This is my friend.” Based on what you think about someone, that is how you train yourself to feel about them.

Today in my science class I was seated next to a boy that I told myself, “He’s a jerk” His name is Christian and he isn’t very nice to me. But while he was sitting next to me we started talking. It started when someone asked for the name of a volcano in Japan. I answered that I think there was one called Mount Fuji. I’m pretty sure that my grandmother and mother saw it when they lived in Japan. Christian was all like, “Dude that was tight! When I graduate, I want to go to Europe.” Then I was a bit suprised he was talking to me so I said. “Yeah? My Dad went to Europe when he was a kid. He said he would take my mother sometime.” Then we started talking. Usually I get my work done quickly. But I have homework because I talked the entire time with Christian. He isn’t really a bad guy… he just acts different depending on the person. He is actually a really nice guy. He was curious about me and asked me questions like. “You’re in my graduation class right?” and “Do you remember the 8th grade? You were really quiet and isolated then… now look at you.” Then he started saying things like, “You seemed to be lonely back in 8th grade, now you are more social but still a bit rough around the edges.” Then we’d both laugh and continue talking. I realized that he was giving me advice without me even knowing it. He made a very good, mature conversation out of tips. He would say things like, “You’re a really smart kid, did you know that?” Then he would add something like, “You must have to work really hard to be in basketball, I’ve never met a timid, quiet girl like you who could also stick through an entire season.” He was a really nice guy.

Throughout our lives friends will come and go… my friends Rebekkah and Cassie won’t be with me next year, but I will always have friends. The beauty of friendship will never die. It is apart of our nature to make friends. No one is ever a complete loner because no one is ever truely alone. It is also amazing how one can keep up a relationship with a friend, by just saying ‘hi’ every now and again. Then when that friend needs someone to talk to or to sit with at lunch you see several new faces at your lunch table. That is why I realize the beauty of friendship. Friendship is something that the human race couldn’t live without. Without friendship our world would fall apart in a matter of days. We would become lonely and bitter. We would hate ourselves and others. We all need friendship to keep us company, to laugh with, to cry with, to share with, to love with, to care with. I don’t think I have ever met someone who hasn’t had a friend in the world. Many people only have one or two… but sometimes those one or two best friends are the greatest friends in the world.

We have no idea when or where friends are going to come from… all you know is that when you find a friend, and you know that he or she could be a friend; your human nature will take over and make a new friend. Friendship is everywhere! Friendship is even in the sadest, lowest places. Even in gangfights, drug dealers, and terrorists have friendships. These people don’t do things because they are ‘evil’ but because of their friendships. Friendships can make you feel love, loyalty, and the desire to protect your friends. I know this because I’m very timid, but because I know how important and beautiful friendships can be; if someone threatens my friends… they will have to get through me first.

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Mikaela has grown up in the community since age 8. She's now a college student at New Mexico State University, and software programmer in one of the community businesses. She is working on her second fiction book in the "Legends of Hope" Trilogy, (See her first book "The Last Dragon-Child" on or

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