Colors in Winter

The Eucharistic Life: Living with a Joy that’s Real in the Present Moment

“We don’t have to go far to find the treasure we are seeking. There is beauty and goodness right were we are. And only when we can see the beauty and goodness that are close by can we recognize beauty and goodness on our travels far and wide…”
-Henri J.M. Nouwen


For Colors in Winter
(by David Morrison)

Thank you Lord for the color green
That grafts me into the things that grow
and remind us of all that’s good in your creation.

 Thank you Lord for the color blue
That bridges me on the horizon between land and sky,
and to the reality of heaven touching earth.

 Thank you, Lord for the color brown that connects me to the original clay
from which you fashioned us all. The color that binds me to all who are living
and to all who have lived on the earth.

We give you thanks, Oh Father, Son, and Spirit
for the grace that teaches us to seek
for colors hidden in winter.


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About David Morrison

I've lived here at the community with Marsha, my wife, since its founding in 2003. I serve in various ways from pastoral care to landscape maintenance; from coffee brewing to bar keeping.

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