Beautiful Drums This Week

Jacob has made some beautiful drums this past couple of weeks. Here are some photos of a couple. We’re trying to figure out the best way to take the photos and display them in the store we’re going to be setting up this week. These shots are near our pond, where we do our daily prayers in the summer season. Let us know if you have any photo ideas, we’re open to suggestions.

We’re also working on setting up the website. When we have that site up, we’ll start putting most of these drum related stories on that site.

Thanks for everyone’s support. You’ve all been so kind! We’re excited about this opportunity to do a modern monastic business and alternate way of living. If you are interested on joining us in some way, let us know.

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About Greg Steele

Greg Steele has lived with his wife Deanna and their four children in the community since 2003 when the community was founded. He is actively involved in the community programming and crafting businesses; plays guitar, loves kids, cooking, visiting with people and video games.

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