Luminous Windows

“And so when the window of the soul becomes illumined with God’s presence, it’s good to bask in it as we would in our own homes as the morning sun streams through the windows. It’s good to sit in silence for a bit, and then to “rise, and not be afraid” of whatever befalls us the rest of the day: whether the events turn out to be terrible, spectacular, or mundane.”

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Trauma and Transformation

“The spiritual journey begins when we’re no longer driving away from the desert, but being “led by the Spirit” into it. For some, this initiation comes as a slight stirring in the heart, and for others, it arrives in the form of a complete overturning of life circumstances.”

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An event sponsored by the El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center
in partnership with Temple Mount Sinai, the Interfaith Alliance of the Southwest, and the YWCA Racial Justice Program, EPHM

An evening of dialogue and dinner: Click here for details