The Little Promises of Spring




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The Little Promises of Spring
by David Morrison

 For the blue that emerges from winter’s gray skies
And the warming of yearning for eternity lifting in our hearts

We give you thanks, Father- Righteous One

 For the winds that fall hard, blowing out the old dust
And the planting of little seeds of promise in our songs

 We give you thanks, Jesus- Risen One

 For the breaking of green through the iron earth
And the dawning hope of resurrection within us

We give you thanks, Spirit- Renewing One

For the birth of small creatures and the conception of vision
In the clear young morning of a new creation-
Within our lives and around the world today:
Thank you for your risen life.
Thank you for life rising.

We give you thanks for another Springtime of the Soul-
Father, Son, and Spirit Holy.


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About David Morrison

I've lived here at the community with Marsha, my wife, since its founding in 2003. I serve in various ways from pastoral care to landscape maintenance; from coffee brewing to bar keeping.

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